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    Bladelogic using multiple Networks

    Steve Moult

      I have a Customer that has created two specific networks that then have to converge on the server and not via a network switch, and the issue is the Bladelogic Console environment is on a specific network 10.1.1.x, the Repeater and Proxy servers have two interfaces one back to the 10.1.1.x to allow connection from the Console to the Proxy / Repeater and the other interface is on 10.2.2.x, DNS is located on Network 10.2.3.x, and the end node resides in the 10.2.4.x.


      So the issue I have, is I have installed an agent and it has a route back from the 10.2.4.x (test via ping), but the console states the agent is not responding, I assume I have to create some ip forwarding or something, but I am totally stumped on this


      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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