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    Monitoring for BladeLogic Job failures using BMC PATROL Log km

      We have a requirement to provide event notification for specific job failures.

      The easiest solution to achieve this is to monitor the specific job engine log using the local PATROL Agent installed on each Bladelogic Application server.


      I have got the Windows Log KM to pick up a specific key strings and 'spit' out the relevant line as an event


      [12 May 2013 09:41:57,292] [Job-Execution-1] [ERROR] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Batch] Member job RAY TEST failed


      Using the KM it already separates each value via blank space to an element, which I can then specific which elements I want

      However as you can see there is only a job name of "RAY TEST" with no indication of the target servers,


      I can rename the job, but I suspect the job name has a finite amount of characters.... imagine if we targeted 50 hosts!


      So to get around this we can state that you have to create a job per customer....being CUSTOMER-RAY TEST

      Does anybody know if it is possible to "push" certain agent custom properties into the log file, for example "customer name".

      This would save me having to write custom code in the event manager.

      we have thought of triggering a batch job after each bladelogic job but this would involve a process of the team remembering to add this in to every custom job.


      if we could customise the job engine log file contents that would be beneficial