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    Hi guys,

      Hi guys ,


      I am Aniruddha Vaidya, and we are having the bladelogice automation enviorment for servers provisoning and application deployment.


      Now the issue is the BMC client got successfully installed on one of the serve, however still that server is not searchable under all servers on BMC console.


      I am new to this BMC bladelogic tools , and if any issue comes we have to esaclate such issues to the onsite guys.


      So please help me with this thing and let me know what could be the issue due to which the servers are not searchable or where to find if the BMC client actually got installed on the client machines or not.



      Kind Regards,



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          Steffen Kreis



          The RSCD component is passive, wherefore it will not automatically register itself.


          If you installed the agent manually on a target, you have to add the server by choosing "add server" from the context menu of the "Servers" object.


          If you have a completely blank installation, you might need to create a smart-group that shows all your servers. The condition on your smart group could be "where NAME does not equal [BLANK]"



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            hi Steffen,


            The client installation is also automated through script, is there any log that can tell me whether this installation got successful or not..?

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              Aryan Anantwar



              Is the client installation is done by NSH Script through bladelogic or is it  exeternal script?


              If you have written a script for automated installtion, then isn't you are getting any result of that installation?


              when you get the successful installation result then using blcli you should have to add that newly installed server to server list in BSA Server.

              If you have added the server already & able to see it in list.

              then as steffen said, create smart group or go to search box & serach server by IP/Host.




              Aryan Anantwar

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                Steffen Kreis



                a basic test to see if an agent is running on a specific target is try to telnet to port 4750 on your target.

                This is the default listening port of the RSCD agent and will tell you if something is alive on the other end.


                For any further troubleshooting, we would need to know the exact methods that your script is using....

                (If you are on 8.2 or 8.3 you should also consider using the "Unified Agent Installer" for your task)


                And finally for any further troubleshooting of the Agent, there is a great overview of the steps on the docs:






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                  Jim Wilson

                  Hi Aniruddha Vaidya


                  Did this get resolved?

                  If so, please can you update the discussion thread with details so that is can be marked as answered.


                  Thanks & Regards,

                  Jim (Forum Manager/Facilitator)