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    Patching Analysis Error - RedHat5 x86_64 "YUM dry run failedERROR"


      I'm working on Linux patches and configuration of an online catalog for Red Hat Enterprise Linux-x86_64-server.

      An example of what happens to me

      When I run the patch analysis work in update mode or setup mode, I get the following error. This process is performed on two different servers to Red Hat (each of a different version)

      On the server with version 5.5 of Red HAT of course I get the following error (s because the patch I'm trying to use does not match the version of the operating system of this machine).

      Warning 07-May-2013 16:20:40 Skipped Analysis for target: vmnxbtestaut02-adm.gsnet.corp

      Warning 07-May-2013 16:20:40 Could not find matching filter of OS & Arch combination for Server: vmnxbtestaut02-adm.gsnet.corp in catalog.

      So far so normal. But here is where the problem

      In the version 6.2 server with the HAT Network which these catalogs would have to run, I get the following error.

      Error 07-May-2013 16:21:23 STDERR: ERROR :: YUM dry run failedERROR :: no such table: packages
      Information 07-May-2013 16:21:23 Analyzer completes execution on server: vmnxbtestaut01-adm.gsnet.corp, exitCode: 1
      Information 07-May-2013 16:21:20 Copying script to target analysis: vmnxbtestaut01-adm.gsnet.corp
      Information 07-May-2013 16:20:42 Copying repository metadata (repodata.tar.gz) from to

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