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    Update Server Properties job times out on certain targets and report incorrect AGENT_STATUS

    Yanick Girouard

      In BSA 8.1 SP5, we have a few target servers that are remote server accessible through a slow 10Mbit site-to-site VPN link. We have a daily Update Server Properties job running against all target in order to update the AGENT_STATUS property, and for those targets, it seems to be timing out before the agent can successfully return information and therefore, sets the AGENT_STATUS property to "agent is not responding".


      If I use the console to manually "Verify" the targets, the process takes a few seconds but then comes back as "agent is alive" as it should. I have tried increasing the JOB_TIMEOUT and JOB_PART_TIMEOUT properties of the USP job but that didn't seem to work (was set to 0 as default, which I thought was unlimited).


      Is there anything else I can do (blasadmin setting perhaps?) in order to increase the default timeout per target for USP jobs?