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    TM-ART Custom Timer Status in BDL

      Hello All,


      We are using TM-ART 4.1 and is integrated with Portal for which is further integrated with BEM and intern to Remedy for ticketing.

      We create custom timer and they are getting reflected in Portal as well. We get a parameter in Portal “Timer Status” for all custom timers.

      Say we have a custom timer for URL to open, in portal the “Timer Status” for the custom timer will be false if the URL is not opening.

      I was wondering how to capture the same in BDL for further customised script.


      I tried using



           in sName : string,

           in nClass : number,

           in nKind : number,

           out fTime : float,

           in bAll : boolean optional): boolean;


      it seems that MeasureGet will return “Ture” if “MeasureGet” call was successful.


      Any help/clarification/guidance is welcomed