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    Track-it work orders SPAMMING Help!!

    Kemp Goode
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      I am a new user here and I have got to say this is the best place to get help for Track-It related issues.  So I would first like to say thank you to all contributors.  The issue I am facing is that my email monitor will bring up work orders that have been entered and completed and create new work orders via the inbox. Which from what I understand is how this function should work.  Would it be beneficial to setup a rule in outlook to allow new email messages to be moved from the inbox once these messages are addressed by Track-It? If so how would I go about doing so.  If anyone has any advice that would be great.


      Thank you

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          Anne Brock

          Moved to TrackIT product forum from personal forum to get more eyes on this!



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            If I understand correctly, you are saying that E-mail Monitor receives reply e-mails from the users in regards to existing work orders that have already been completed and it creates a brand new work order? If so, that is indeed the default behavior. However, it could be configured to append to the existing completed work order that it belongs to instead of creating a brand new one. If you set it up that way, it will append to, and re-open the existing work order.


            If you would like to configure it to behavior that way instead, this article provides information on making the configuration change:




            As far as Outlook rules are concerned, I am not sure how you would set it up to know which ones have already been read or which ones are truly new so I don't think I can offer any assistance there.

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              Kemp Goode

              Thank you for the rapid responses. Mr. McLane I am definitely going to implement your solution! If I can re-word my question here as to the issue I am facing at the moment.  Track-it is pulling email from the inbox and assigning new work orders.  Some of which have been completed already.  Which makes for confusion as far as my tech's are concerned because they are getting new work orders for jobs that they have already completed.  So in summation what is happening is that e-mails in the inbox are being assigned new work order numbers via Track-It.  Is there a way to solve this?

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                Yes, that's exactly what I thought the issue was. If you follow the steps in the article to make the configuration change, those e-mails for jobs that are already completed will no longer create new work orders. They will simply append to the existing work order, but they will also re-open those work orders.

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                  Look at the Rules section in

                  Tools\Administration Console\Help Desk\Email Monitor\Rules

                  Click the Rules for Subjects tab

                  In the window, add a unique text contained in the subject line of the reply emails.

                  Click the Apply button.


                  This should filter out inbound emails to the Track-It server address thus not creating unwanted emails.

                  There is also the ability to filter for specific text within the body of the inbound email also.


                  I sometimes see these types of email when someone has their email set to "out of office" and their subject or text lines do not match my existing filtering.