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    the bladelogicrscd user is keep locked out

    Erez Frenkel



      I have a customer that work with BSA 8.2.04

      (agents: w2k3,w2k8,linux etc..)


      We have a problem with few rscd agents, when we try the command agentinfo to one of the agents  we he receive an error:

      Connection refused.


      When I checked the logs:  I found that the bladelogicrscd user is keep -  locked out, and because of that the rscd agent crashed


      I saw that the problem is occur with win2003 R2 64 bit machines


      I checked and there is no any problem with the export or users/users.local files


      Also I try to reinstall the agent manually but we still have the problem


      Can someone advise me how to solve this issue?