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    Agent ACL's

      I am pretty sure I am missing something, maybe you will see something I am not.


      We are adding another role to our appserver called MO_EMT. This group will have very limited job execution and visibility into the console. I have the role created. I have all users created and assigned to the role. I have all my authorizations setup like I want them. The Agent ACL tab is setup with the local account I will be using. The summary tab looks correct....


      None of what I have added is showing up on an ACL push. The preview shows only BLAdmin user mappings that we have and nothing else. Have I missed something? I am absolutely stuck.

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          Sounds like you have not assigned the MO_EMT role to the servers that are going to be used with this new role. Server ACLs will only appear in the users file for roles that are authorized to that server.

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            Yeah that's what it was. I called one of our guys who originally set it up and we fumbled around and found out that part, then I didnt apply it to the servers. I got that part done, then didn't have permissions right, but that was not as big of a headache. Got all 3700 systems bending at my will now. Thanks for the reply. Guess I needed to step back for a minute as well.