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    Fine Tuning Bladelogic Help required



      Can anyone look and suggest anyway of fine tuning our BL server setup. We only have one physical Bladelogic server with 16gb running Win 2003 enterprise 64bit. We have over 350 client servers using BL.


      Config as follows..............


      BLManager Version =
      Maximum concurrent jobs = 20
      Number of jobs currently running = 1
      Number of work item threads = 5
      Available work item threads = 0
      File server root location = //server/f/nsh/storage/
      BLAST usage = Level 1 Enabled
      PropertySync = Disabled

      Hostname = server
      OS Name = Windows 2003
      Version = 5.2
      Architecture = x86
      Number of Processors Available to JVM = 8
      JRE Version = 1.6.0_13 from Sun Microsystems Inc.
      JRE Data Model = 32-bit
      JRE VM Name = Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
      Maximum JVM Memory (B) = 1,059,258,368
      Total JVM Memory (B) = 279,666,688
      Free JVM Memory (B) = 103,363,520
      Used JVM Memory (B) = 176,303,168
      Used File Descriptors = 3,040
      FIPS 140-2 Mode = enabled

      BLManager Current Time = Wed Apr 24 15:39:02 BST 2013
      BLManager Started = Wed Apr 24 14:59:57 BST 2013
      BLManager PID = 6112



      many thanks for any help





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          The recommended settings generally depend on the workload -- the types of jobs, their frequency of execution, how many target servers they run against, and how much time is available to complete them (i.e., your maintenance window).  It would also be good to know if you're experiencing performance issues, on the GUI consoles for example, or jobs taking longer than you'd expect..


          But even without this information, a couple of settings that could be tweaked:

          • Looks like your max. work item threads is set to 5?  That's too low.  You can easily set it to 50, and possibly higher (100) if that helps performance.  But that has to be in conjunction with...
          • ... the max heap space allocated to the app server JVM.  Given that you have 16GB of RAM on the machine, you could easily allocate 4GB to the JVM heap.  I'm assuming that apart from the Bladelogic app server,  there's no other app hosted on this machine.
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            Jim Wilson

            Hi Tony Harding


            How is your tuning going?


            Did this get resolved?

            If so, please can you update the discussion thread with details so that is can be marked as answered.



            In addition to Neeran Karnik comments, you should be


            a) running BMC supplied Gather Statistics package if you are using Oracle Database,


            b) running regular cleanup


            You should seriously be looking at upgrading to a more current version of BSA - Current version is 8.3SP1


            Thanks & Regards,

            Jim (Forum Manager/Facilitator)