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    Cloning through BBSA

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           we have BBSA 7.6 (both configuration module as well as provisional module) in our environment. Now can we clone one server to another one using BBSA?



      Avisekh Das

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          What exactly you want to clone? are you talking about Virtual machine clone?

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            Hi Siddhu,

                             Soory for my delay response..!!!


            the original server is a physical server..we need to clone it to a physical or virtual..that I need to tell customer and they will arrange accordingly..


            please suggest me if there is any way out..





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              HI Avikesh,


              There is no such feature available in Bladelogic to clone the physical box.


              You can build the server equivalent to existing one by using snapshot feature.


              You can explore about Nortan Ghost, I am not sure how it can be automated through bladelogic.




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                Aryan Anantwar

                Hi Avikesh,

                There is no such facility in BBSA to clone Physical Server to another Physical/virtual server.

                But you can use VMWare Standalone Converter to convert physical to virtual.

                Go through below lin which would help you:


                using this create same virtua server copy of the physical one, then create its ghost image & depoy on the physical server.





                Aryan Anantwar




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                  Joseph Schuler

                  Note:  Virtual to Physical conversions may be tricky as you may need to inject drivers, especially hard drive controller drivers, or you may not be able to boot the physical box.

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                    Hi Siddhu,

                                      I have already worked on ghost imaging tool(though on desktop)..it has ability to clone tha machine..but I do not think it can be somehow patched with BSA..


                    your other idea sounds intersting(You can build the server equivalent to existing one by using snapshot feature)..I need to check that one....





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                      Bill Robinson

                      physical to virtual should be handled by the conversion tool.  virtual to physical and physical to physical can be problematic as joe mentions.  blade is not a cloning tool - it's a configuration management tool.  is there a reason you want to clone the server as opposed to doing a clean build or using a vm template ?

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                        Thanks for helping me out..I was going through the links and foun below



                        Interoperability: Broad support for source physical machines and image formats

                        Broad support for source physical machines and image formats.

                        • Source physical machines running 64-bit Windows XP/2003, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Linux (RHEL, SUSE and Ubuntu)
                        • Source third party images: Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, Parallels Desktop, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery (formerly called Live State Recovery), Norton Ghost, Acronis, and StorageCraft
                        • Source/Destination virtual machines: VMware Workstation, VMware GSX Server, VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware Fusion, VMware ESX (Managed by VMware VirtualCenter 2.x)



                        honestly say, we run most of the business trading critical servers on physical not on vm..so for that I have to again think for another solution..

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                          the servers which I am trying clone is running some critical business utlity and any minor changes can create a huge impact on the business..


                          what is your view on 'build the server equivalent to existing one by using snapshot feature'.. how will it work?

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                            Bill Robinson

                            many customers have adopted the model of defining a server build profile and provisioning w/ an automated tool, applying configuration on top of that, and then attaching to storage that provides the data.  that way if you need more servers or a replacement you just build a new server w/ the same instructions and attach the data.  this prevents you from getting in the state you are in where you have servers in an unknown state that you cannot build from scratch.

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                              Joseph Schuler

                              Doing Physical to Virtual conversions, works really well for business critical servers.  It allows for easy disaster recovery and live migrationfrom one physical host to another while the virtual machine is still running.  The greatly reduces outages.  Also Virtual machines can be scaled up to more memory and storage on the fly and scaled down thesame way.  This allows for great flexibility in usage and accommodation af changing load.


                              Unless you need specific hardware that cannot be virtualized, virtualization almost always makes more sense then continuing to host business critical software on physical machines..

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                                sounds great...I will then deploy that one..


                                I got my solution..