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    BBSA 8.2 - "Install agent" functionality from console fails

      Hi - I am using BBSA 8.2 SP3. I have created RSCD 8.2 Agent Bundle. I have created Automation Priniciple with local "Administrator" account in RBAC manager. I have cretaed "Remote Host Authentications" and "Remote Host Authenication routing rules" in Configuration-> Infrastructure Management.


      When I run the agent installation job using Agent bundle the Job failes with below error on windows server. As per below the validation is failed due to server name "VM11" is duplicate name exists on the network. But VM11 sevrer is only one servers in my network.



      Job Log -


      ErrorApr 16, 2013 5:22:35 PMInstalling the agent on 'VM11' failed because all of the remote host authentications failed to validate.



      WarningApr 16, 2013 5:22:35 PMRemote host authentication 1 of 1 'Windows' failed to validate against server 'VM11' due to: A duplicate name exists on the network.



      Job failed error screen shot

      BBSA error.JPG