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    how to determine maximum size of variables for NSH Console scripts?

    Dale Reagan

      I'm hoping that this information will assist in resolving NSH Script Job failures.  While my expectation is that a 'console job' would be faster I would not expect that it is 'less scriptable' or has 'special' limitations versus a 'pure' NSH script.  It appears that my assumption may not be correct since:


      • my NSH script runs without errors
      • the same script encounters what appear to be 'resource' issues if run from the console


      As always, could be my 'code' - but, based on seeing similar errors from 'jobs' that I did not create (i.e.: fork failed: no error) it appears that this may be resolvbeable if you stay with 'limits' (in this case it may be related to 'file-system-path-lengths'.


      Related post:  https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/313670#313670


      I'm speculating wildly here, but guessing that:


      • console NSH script jobs have 'less' internal variable storage? and/or
      • they have more limitations than a command line NSH script does.?


      So, the question:


      How can you determine the size ranges of variables (i.e. maximum string length) for use in:

      • NSH Scripts AND
      • NSH Script Jobs?


      In case it makes a difference - the problem script is copying files from //Server_A/someopath/somefile to //Server_B/somepath/new_file_name.


      Once I know the limits for NSH Script jobs I can modify my NSH scripts to stay within those limits...