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    how to get with blcli the parameters of nsh scripts

    Olivier Renault


      I need to get with blcli all the parameters of all my nsh scripts stored in the depot.

      Unfortunately I don't find the good blcli command to do that.


      Can you help me ?



      DEPOTROOT_ID=`blcli_execute DepotGroup groupNameToId "${DEPOTROOT}" `

      blcli_execute DepotObject findAllByGroup $DEPOTROOT_ID true >/dev/null

      blcli_execute DepotObject getDBKey >/dev/null

      blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject >/dev/null

      blcli_execute Utility listPrint > ${EXPORT_ROOT}/listdbkey.txt

      nb=`wc -l ${EXPORT_ROOT}/listdbkey.txt|awk '{print $1}'`

      while read objetbydbkey


          blcli_execute DepotObject getNameByDBKey ${objetbydbkey} >/dev/null

          blcli_storeenv NOM >/dev/null

          # get all properties

          # I don't succeed to do that

      done <  ${EXPORT_ROOT}/listdbkey.txt

      rm ${EXPORT_ROOT}/listdbkey.txt