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    Push ACL Job



      I have a server, to which I`d like to push ACL`s. But local admin on that server is not Administrator - its ntadmin.


      But ACL preview and users file on the server, after the job finishes, still maps me to Administrator.


      Is there a way to provide ACL Push Job with correct mapping to the local user?




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          Hi Nick,


          Two ways to do this, both in the RBAC Manager, in the role there is a tab to select user mapping, you can set this to be the correct user, ntadmin instead of Administrator but this would set it for all servers that that role manages.


          Second way would be to create a server property _Admin_account, in the RBAC manager map the user to the server property and then set the user account name in the property on a per server basis.


          Then the ACL generation should be correct.


          Kind regards,