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    Console Help-System not working since 8.2 SP4

    Steffen Kreis



      our consoles stopped showing any Help-Content since we installed 8.2 SP4.


      We know that BMC changed their approach on how to provide the help and moved everything to "online".


      But all we get when openening the help is an "empty" Info-Center view with this text:





      Access to BMC Server Automation Help

      The BMC Online Technical Documentation portal now hosts help for BMC Server Automation. Accessing the portal requires Internet access.

      If you are seeing this message, a link to the help system probably did not resolve. Typically this occurs when you do not have Internet access.

      BMC recommends using the Internet outside of your current environment to visit the documentation portal (https://docs.bmc.com/docs). There you can navigate to documentation for BMC Server Automation. When you find the correct documentation space, you can export help content for offline viewing in an HTML format or generate a PDF.




      It says we are not connected to the internet, which we clearly are.


      We already have a ticket open for that, but even R&D has no answer for us so far.


      Just wanted to ask around if you are seeing the same behaviour with SP4, or if it is working for you ?