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    BBSA 8.0 with vCenter 5 integration issue

      Hi - I am not able to integrate BBSA 8.0 with vCenter 5.


      I have followed below steps.


      1. Installed vCenter RSCD agent on the vCenter

      C:\Users\Administrator>agentinfo mppdadc165


        Agent Release   :

        Hostname        : MPPDADC165

        Operating System: WindowsNT 6.1 Windows-VC5.0 (x86_64)

        User Permissions: BladeLogicRSCD@MPPDADC165->culpeperdc@MPPDADC165:PrivilegeMa

      pped (Identity via trust)

        Security        : Protocol=5, Encryption=TLS1

        Host ID         : 40A800D8

        # of Processors : 4

        License Status  : Licensed for NSH/CM


      2. Added this server into BBSA


      3. Created connection instance with property

      Connection_URL - https://MPPDADC165/sdk

      Connection_username / password - put vCenter administrator user


      4. Set VIRTUAL_ENTITY_CONNECTION property for Virtualization instance with connection created above on step 3


      5. Created Job - Virtual infrastructure discovery job on vCenter server MPPDADC165.


      6. When I executed the job got below error


      "Error occurred while fetching list of VMware servers. Error message: 'DAAL(100) Failure - no more details provided. : DAAL::AssetStream::openGetDescendants: Error returned from plug-in ; Plug-in: /DAALDaemonAdapter ; Function: blAsset_OpenGetDescendants ; Stream root asset: BMC_VMware_VirtualSystemEnablers:MPPDADC165:/Hosts ; Error code: 100 ; Error message: Invalid web service login credentials. : on host MPPDADC165'."




      So I want to know the reason behind it. Is it because BBSA 8.0 is not compatible with vCenter 5 or something I am missing here