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    Need to understand Application Server deployments

      hi all,


      can anyone explain about Application Server deployments with examples? e.g. below screenshot:


      i hv referred the below link to understand but still i hv confusion.



      In one of my last post which is related to process spawner, i already configured the database server with AppServer but again i had to configur the database server with _spawner as well. If i configure the database server with _template then don't we need to configure with other deployments.

      https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/312476#312476 - my last post


      kindly clarify my confusion.


      thnx in adv.




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          Bill Robinson

          _template is used to create new deployments.  once a deployment has been created, modifying only _template will not change the newly created deployment. _template is also used to create the deployment used for an upgrade, so it does need to stay current w/ your config.


          blasadmin -a affects only _template, and any other actual appserver deployments - eg 'default', server-job, etc.  it does not affect _spawner, _launcher or _pxe.


          so if you need to make db changes, you will have to run blasadmin -s <deloyment name> to touch _spawner and _pxe (_launcher doesn't have any db connections) and blasadmin -a to affect _template and your other deployments.