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    Provisioning Using Templates



      Can we provision a server using a template in BBSA ?

      If yes then how ?

      I dont have PXE and TFTP servers

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          Antonio Caputo

          If you have a VMWare infrastructure, you can add the VCenter as BSA server and after registered it (distribute config objects and register the Connection instance available undere Property Dictionary -> Connections) you can access the Templates and build a Virtual Guest Package and then deploy it.

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            Bill Robinson

            and you don't need pxe/tftp to do this.

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              Hi Anotonio,


              Please be a little elaborate , how to register the Connection instance available under Property Dictionary as while defining the distribute config object job I am not able to see Property dictionary to select it .

              PFB the screenshot


              Register vCenter.bmp


              Please help. 

              Do u have any document regarding the same ?


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                First you have to deploy the BSA agent on your virtual Center server and distribute the Configuration object as you correctly describe above.

                ScreenHunter_270 Apr. 03 11.46.jpg


                Now goto Configuration -> Property Dictionary View -> Connection -> Instances

                ScreenHunter_270 Apr. 03 11.48.jpg


                Double-click the instance matching your vCenter name and fill in url, admin account and password.

                ScreenHunter_270 Apr. 03 11.49.jpg


                Brows to your vCenter server and you should be able to view VCenter configuration and create Virtual Guest Packages for deploying VMs etc.

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                  Antonio Caputo

                  Hello Chandra, procedure is at page 519 of offline BSA 8.3 doc.

                  I paste it here for your convenience.


                  Adding the vCenter server to BMC Server Automation

                  This topic provides instructions for adding the vCenter server to BMC BladeLogic Server Automation.


                  From within the BMC Server Automation Console, add the vCenter server as a managed server to a server group (right-click a server group and select Add Server ).

                  Select Configuration > Property Dictionary View.

                  Browse the Built-in Property Classes > Connection class.

                  Click the Instances tab.

                  Create a Connection instance using the following naming convention:

                  Connection_ Distribute Configuration Objects.

                  Provide a name for the Job and click Next.

                  Expand the Global Configuration Objects list, select the VMware vCenter Server object, and add it to the Selected Configuration Objects section. Click Next.

                  On the Targets panel, select the agent installed on the vCenter host.

                  Click Finish, and execute the job. For details, see Distributing configuration objects.



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