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    How to deploy windows patch by BBSA?(offline)

      I have tried many times and have a solution as below:

      1.[Offline mode only] Patch Download

      2.Catalog creation and update

      3.Patching job creation and execution [without automatic generation of remediation artifacts]

      4.Remediation job creation and execution

      5.Deploying patches by running auto-generated deploy jobs

      6.Patching job creation and execution [without generation of remediation artifacts]


      But when I update catalog,it comes to be warnings,

      1.I have downloaded some patches successfully which are stored in "// source",but when updating it comes to being warnings


      2.the  "// source" is null,but update to be warns





      Please give me a doc to deploy windows patch in detail and entire,thank you very much. you'd better attach many pictures to explain .