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    Integration of Bladelogic with ucmdb

    Soundappan Shanmugam

      This is regarding Integration of Bladelogic and HP-UCMDB or having a common CMDB within an environment.

      I believe that this can be integrated via BAO, if I have the write up of what is the feasibility and pitfalls of the same and what is the procedure to integrate the same would suffice.


      * Here the version of bladelogic is not less than 8.1

      * BSARA is not in place

      * Its a CLM based solution

      * Customised fields rather than adding and decomissioning of servers needed

      * other than scrpiting it should be integrated directly and result should be e2e automated as it is currently going via scripting mode.


      Thnx in advance

      Soundappan Shanmugam