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    Patch Analysis and Remediation

    John Lodholz

      We are running and when I run a patch analysis against a bunch of 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 servers I get my results.  There has been a change between the previous versions and 8.3 in how it presents the results.  Now everything shows up whether it applies or not.  The problem this is causing is that the results are split over multiple pages.  I have the page count set at the max of 1000.  I get 2 pages of results and since the sorting is not done by the entire list but by page, I can't get all the needed fixes on one page to select the desired patches and remediate at one time.


      If I highlight the servers view and right click successful targets and say remediate all, it will work but then I am forced to apply everything which is not what I want.  How can I do a single remediation with what I want when the results are split over 2 pages because the BMC product doesn't actually sort the entire list?  Does anyone else think their  sorting methodology is a little whacky?


      Please help, thanks.

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          Steffen Kreis

          Hi Luddy,


          Wie only run 8.3 in a Play environment right now and I'm also not happy with how this has been implemented for patching.


          I would suggest to open a ticket with support and Request an enhancement for this.


          We have a general RFE open for sorting, as the sort per page causes issues everywhere in the console.

          We especially have that issue with Compliance, where we can,t sort for non-compliant servers but have to manually go through every page.



          Cheers Steffen

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            Steffen Kreis

            But to answer your question about Remediation, you should think about creating Patch-SmartGroups on the catalog, which will contain your "approved" Bulletins or Hotfixes and select that smartgroup as an Include List on your Patch Analysis job.


            We have done that by creating a custom property for the WindowsBulletin Property Class.

            The default value for that property is "new".


            We then have created a smart group which looks for every bulletin with status new (initially every bulletin will be new, but after you sorted them out once, you will then only see those that have been  added after a patch catalog update)


            So whenever a new bulletin comes in we test it and decide if it shall be approved. When we set it to approved the bulletin appears in the approved smartgroup which as I said is our include list for a patch analysis job.


            Through that BL will only scan for your approved patches and you could  Remediate your target automatically.


            Let me know if I shall explain in more detail.



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              John Lodholz



              I believe we do something similar with a smart group which has patches we want applied.  The problem is when we analyze we get a list back that spans multiple pages because now instead of showing only patches that are missing, it shows everything.  Since the patches are sorted across all pages by name we end up with "missing" patches on multiple pages.  If we could sort by the "missing" column across ALL pages we would be ok.  What I end up with is some patches missing on multiple pages and no way that I know of to grab just the missing ones and deploy.


              Why do I need to see what is already installed when trying to find out what I need to do to remediate some servers?  If I want a report of what is installed or "effectively installed" then that should be a separate function.  I still don't see BMC's logic here and why it changed between versions.  Seems more like a bug to me.


              Thanks for your insight.



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