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    BladeLogic App Server Log

      I'm trying to find, on a Linux server, the BladeLogic app server log that would be able to tell me if a job is hung, waiting, etc.


      I have a job that was started two days ago and it's in a 6/7 tasks and just hanging around.  Isn't there a file I can do a tail last 100 lines (or even just cat) from the app server itself rather than using the Blade config manager?  What directory would that be and is the file name usually the same?

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          Sean Berry

          Rob: on UNIX this is usually something like: /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/NSH/br/appserver.log or console.log.  Depending on how your environment is setup, they may be named differently, have job in their name, etc.  But I’d start by looking for files named console.log (or console*.log) and appserver.log.  There will also usually be a AppServerLauncher.log in the same directory.


          Typical directory on a Windows appserver: /c/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/NSH/br/

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            Joe Piotrowski

            Have you checked the logs on the target? I would check the rscd.log and the logs in the Transactions folder. These are the locations for the RSCD agent installed on Linux:



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              Bill Robinson

              looking at the appserver log for this information is probably not what you want to do.  i'd look at a few things:


              - on the target servers that are still running the job, look at the rscd.log and see if there is any activity, or any processes running related to the job

              - look in the 'infrastructure management' ui and track down what appserver is running the WIT for the job, and see what state they are in (look at the stack trace)