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    What Changes Need to take Care in Remedy Application Server if Database Home Path is changed?

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      Hi Team,

                      Please find the current Remedy environment details


      Remedy application version: 7.1

      Remedy database version:



      As per patch compliance in remedy database we initially deployed the oracle db PSU patch in remedy database but it failed.(in Pre-production it was successful as we had RHEL there but we have AIX in the production environment). So oracle is saying, as there is a mismatch in db home path thus the patch deployment failed, now we need to install the remedy db installer again and link the old db home path with the new one, I mean the oracle home is getting changed but other than this everything will be same(db instance, db server name etc.) All the things I am telling there is for remedy database server. Now is there anything need to be changed in aplication end?



      I can also see a db home path in ar.conf file, but as per my knowledge it is for the oracle client running in application server, it is not releted with oracle db server anyhow..correct me if I am wrong..


      please suggest me what to change there in application side.




      Avisekh Das