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    Unified Agent Installer Via Socks Proxy ?



      I am looking for aumtomated way to install RSCD agent on to the Targets at remote locations (BL 8.2 SP3)


      My environment is I have Bladelogic Infrastructure (App, DB, Fileserver etc) in location A, and I will be accessing targets on location B via a Socks proxy. I have attached the diagram for my basic setup here.




      My Socks proxy is in DMZ and this will act as Repeater also. Bladelogic will not have direct connection to the Targets on Location B and vice versa, all the communication will be via proxy.


      Now I wanted to understand if I can use Unified Installer via Socks proxy to deploy RSCD agents on to the targets in Location B. Assuming I have opened the Socks (1080) SMB (445 etc) and SSH (22) ports between (Bladelogic --> Socks Proxy --> Targets) and I will configure PSExec on Socks server.


      If I cannot use Unified Installer in this scenario, then what is the best method to deploy agents in such environment ??


      I have hundreds of targets and I dont wnat to install agents manually on those targets.