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    How To Create an Incoming Mailbox in Remedy?

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      Hi All,

                  I am going to configure a incoming mailbox in remedy. We already have outgoing mailbox configured in remedy.


      Below are the details of our environment


      AR Server: Version 7.1 patch 011

      Database: Oracle

      ARServer and DB server OS Platform: AIX 5.3

      Email Server: MS Exchange with Win2k8 R2 version



      Now I was trying to configure the incoming mailbox, for that one mailbox already has been created in exchange server. I can see there are 4 objects under the dropdown basic configuration ==> Email server type, these are POP3, IMAP4, MAPI, MBOX. Now POP3 disbled in our environment and I am then left with IMAP4, MAPI, MBOX. So there would any of the these utility to run in aix box.


      Now my questions are


      1. how to get this utility and how are they get installed and how to configure this in aix box ?

      2. If they are configured and can communicate with the exchange server, how I can generate a incident by sending an mail to the mail id that has been configured?



      Though I have floted both the question but I am interested in 1st question now?





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          MAPI cannot be used on AIX directly. To use MAPI on AIX box you need to provision a Windows box and install Email Engine there pointing to your AR Server on AIX box. After that you can create an user with Exchange mail profile and use it for outgoing and incoming messages. This way you can use MAPI with AIX.


          I may be wrong but I don't think you can use MBOX protocol directly with Exchange Server.


          If you don't want to use MAPI the above way and since POP3 is disabled in your environment, you can use IMAP4.


          To use IMAP4 for incoming messages, make sure it is enabled on your Exchange Server for user you will be using to recieve mails.


          For more information on how to configure Incoming Mail Box and create requests using incoming emails, please refer to 7.1 Email Engine guide.