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    BSA Infra expansion- Best Practices



      We have huge infrastructure and we are planning to scale up our BSA infrastructure. Currently we have 13500 active agents and planning to extend it upto 20000 servers, in various customer networks.


      We have 2 App servers , both with All configuration. Both app servers has win2k8 R2, 12 GB RAM....


      I would like to know what should be the approach to handle all of these 20000 servers and what should be the no. of App servers  and how should they be configured to handle the huge load. Like no of job servers and config servers. Also we want to do this in most efficient manner by utilizing less no. application server but at the same time we don't want performance to suffer.


      It would be great if you can share your experience about the same. If we should go for HA or not...


      We have been using only windows server and I would like to know if there is any advantage of using Solaris servers and can we mix up windows appservers and Unix app servers in same environment.


      All kind of suggestions are most welcome


      Thanks & Regards


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          Siddu angadi

          It is very difficult to suggest without understanding your environment.


          It is not just number of servers, you should also consider:


          1. Different type Jobs, size of jobs, frequency of running
          2. locations of datacenter
          3. What are the features your are using, Application Management, Provisioning, Patching, Compliance and Audit.
          4. Security concerns DMZ,
          5. How many users are connecting to app servers





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            To elaborate more we have


            1. 200 + Jobs running daily, mainly patching jobs, Patrol automation and some other application deployments


            2 We have servers located in 5 datacentres in different countries globally

            3. We use Application Mgmt, Patching and security Compliance extensively

            4 We have close to 300 users atmost 150 users connect in parallel.


            Any approximate idea will be helpful as we are facing performance issue during weekend remediation when close to 80 remediation jobs runs in parallel.

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              Siddu angadi



              Ok if you are facing the performance issue, follow the steps:


              1. Check for how file descriptions open on the each applications servers


              2. I would recomend always recomend use 1 app server / 5000 servers + increase job servers number to double.


              3. You said if you running complaince jobs. make sure to use local objects, rather using gloabl object of bladelogic.


              4.  Ask end users not open live browse of servers if they are not using.


              5.  use the repeaters on all datacenters.


              6.  follow the multi site app server technology if your servers are spread across gloabally




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                Hi Malay,

                What is your BL version?


                Anways, following would provide you more info on what you are looking for:







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                  Sean Berry

                  I'd be careful with picking a ratio of appservers to servers: the ideal number of job server instances varies depending on the mix of jobs you will be running: compliance jobs can use more infrastructure, while NSH Script and Deploy Jobs don't necessarily need as much.  Kedar's recommendation to go back to the Sizing and Scalability doc is a good one. 


                  If you have questions beyond what's in that doc, please open a support ticket and we'll help you.

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                    Thank you all for your suggestions. We have recently upgraded to 8.3 and currently we are in preliminary stage of introducing Security compliance to most of our clients and no. of compliance job are currently pretty less. Currently major work is going on providing patching to all the customers And more than 10000 servers are patched regularly.


                    We are having troubles on weekends when people complains about not able to complete patching in maintainece windows.


                    Also we have lot of integration in place with BAO, BPPM etc to automate application deployments etc...


                    I think we need atleast 2  more application servers, mostly job servers. As the no. of users are not large.

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                      To handle this in more effcient way, I have created a support ticket ISS04099961.

                      I'll update community after getting exact recommendations from BMC.