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    Wingate Socks Proxy ??

      Hi There,


      Has any one used WIngate for SOCKS procy configuration in your environment.


      I have Bladelogic (8.2 SP4) installed on Windows platform, and I want to use a Windows repeater as Socks proxy.


      Never used Wingate before with Bladelogic.


      So any guidance or help will be appreciated.





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          Sean Berry

          Try Dante?

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            Hi Sean,


            In my enironment I am using windows server as a repeater and I want to use this for NSH proxy.


            I think Dante is for Linux ??





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              I installed Wingate and configured Socks proxy, it is working.


              But it is killing the performance, it is taking long time to execute a job


              Ex.. A  Patch Analysis Job earlier used to take 2-3 minutes, now it needs 15 minutes for execution.


              Is there any fine tuning I have to do on the Socks proxy etc ?


              I am using NSH proxy on app server, Do I have to configure secure file on the proxy server ?





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                               That would really be a question for Wingate. Remember, not all software is created equal. I, like Sean, recommend Dante as a proxy. It has served me very well. It could just be that Wingate performs that way, or your OS needs to be tuned a certain way for it to work better. I would try researching with Wingate. But please, post any findings here for those who may come along and look to gain insight from your experiences.

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                  Also a mistake I have seen made in the past.

                  If you get your routing rules wrong you could be routing all RSCD traffic to your SOCKS server, even the traffic for the FileServer and other BSA infrastructure.

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                    I further fine tuned the networking rules and proxy configuration, things seem to be improved but not significantly


                    I tested few patch deploy jobs, the staging of the package happens quickly on the target but then to execute instructions on the package it takes 5-6 minutes (At this time the Patch repository is mounted on to Target)


                    So there is a delay (5-6 minutes) between staging of package and executing instruction (deploy-job) to deploy package.





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                      I have done further tests and fine tuned the configuration with wingate SOCKS, now the performance have improved significantly (Similar to direct connection to target).


                      Also I have installed DANTE proxy and this to works like a charm, now the performance of both DANTE and Wingate is same.


                      After taking in to consideration few other criterias (Socks App Architecture etc), I would recommend to use DANTE proxy on Linux (as mentioned by Sean and Adam) because Wingate is a 32 bit app and this might cause problem when large no of targets are managed by Bladelogic via Wingate Socks.


                      But for those on WIndows platform Wingate Socks works quite well with Bladelogic, I have tested with nearly 50 targets in my Development environment.


                      Thankyou Sean, Adam and Scot for the help.





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                        Chadwick Chui

                        Hello Santosh,

                        May I know how you finetune Wingate SOCKS Proxy? I am facing delay in Wingate.



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                          Atul Matkar

                          what is OS and Hardware requirement for socks proxy (Dante as well as wingate) ?

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                            Jim Wilson

                            Atul Matkar wrote:


                            what is OS and Hardware requirement for socks proxy (Dante as well as wingate) ?

                            Please consult wit the vendors.

                            Please don't double post