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    Unified Agent Installer - UNIX - Custom 'SSH + SUDO' command

      I am trying to setup an agent installer for our Linux servers using the Unified Agent Installer within BSA 8.2 SP1. I have everything setup, but I am having trouble with the automation principle.


      I have selected 'SSH + SUDO' as my method. My ID can log into the target servers, but I am restricted to sudoing to a specific command, 'sudosh', which opens a root shell that is logged. This is standard within our datacenter for ALL UNIX/Linux servers. Is there a way to modify the behavior of the 'SSH + SUDO' method for automation principles to make it SSH into the server, run 'sudo sudosh' (which will prompt for my password, then run the agent installer (the prompt after 'sudo sudosh' would be a normal system prompt like #)?


      If I can't make the necessary customization, it would appear that we cannot leverage the Unified Agent Installer for UNIX/Linux servers. Would that be a correct statement?