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    CMDB 7.6.04- To check the just loaded data Using AIE

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      Hi All,


      I need to verify the Data Loaded in the Dataset however not sure how to check/find the same.


      We do use:-

      Three Flat Files [db.csv,server.csv,hardware.csv]  and load the data using AIE to the DATASET called Dataset1.


      Once the job is completed succesfully ,the data get loaded into the CMDB as per CI mapping done.


      What i do  as doent not know much . I check in the BMC Base Element form /Base relationship form


      and as per CI mappig check on BMC dabase/BMC application/BMC computer system but do not find same rows count as files have.

      I check with Create date /Modified date but dont find data as expected.


      Could you please guide how to check the data in the CMDB forms? if the there are 100 records in the db file should we see the same 100 rec in the cmdb form?or how it goes ?



      Kindly advice.