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    Closing WO with out sending notification

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      I have notifications going out when the ticket is updated, closed, changed, or modified in anyway (kind of standard). I was wanting to close one off tickets with out sending a notification to the requestor. Is there anyway I can do that with out changing who the requestor was?

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          Sounds like you have the default Event Policy enabled.  If so, you can edit the template and change the notification settings. 

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            Correct we do have Event Policies enabled that have notifications going to the users. My question was is there a way to setup an event policy and then in a ticket that you have open turn it off for just that one ticket. For example we have an event policy for Helpdesk. If a ticket is created under that Type then notifications will be sent out. I don't want to stop the notifications for every ticket. Say Ticket numer 1000 is done and we don't want a notification that we closed the ticket going to the requestor for just that ticket. Is that possible?

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              Change the requestor, close it and change it back.  Should be about the same effort as setting a different policy for that ticket.  I don't think it is possible otherwise.

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                In other words:  No, there is no way to do what you ask as a one-off other than changing the requestor while you close it. 


                I suppose you could pose this as an idea, but the whole concept tends to break down the trust between your customer and your help desk and customer service in general.  To be "hiding" the close of a ticket would be considered especially egregious because it serves to erode your customer's confidence and trust .


                Customers get angry enough when you close a ticket without giving them a good reason, let alone slipping it in under the door...

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                  There is no way to stop a notification from going out "on the fly" so to speak if the work order is associated with an Event Policy that is setup to send the closed work order notifications to the requestor without actually clearing the requestor before saving as suggested above.


                  But what you could consider doing if this is a necessity is to create a separate "Do not notify" Event Policy that does not send the closed work orders to the requestor. Set up the policy to trigger based on a special Type, Subtype, Category, or Priority value for example so that if that value is selected prior to closing the work order, the "Do not notify" Event Policy will be applied and will therefore not send the notification. The techs would have to know what to select before closing the work order though obviously.