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    Exlude Statements Within Compliance Rule



      I was wondering if you can add an exclude statement within a compliance rule.  My goal is for my compliance job to not search for files within a directory named /profile.d becuase the files within are not needed.


      I first tried to add the directory within the configuration file but it did not take.  Here's what I can provide:


      1.  We have an Extended Object (EO) named GLOBALINITMESGN and within the EO, there are pointers to a configuration file named ??Default_Excluded_Dir??. That file only has one directory and it's not the one I need to be excluded.  I modified the configuration file by adding the directory but when I ran the compliance job, it still searched the directory and the files within.


      2.  Also within the EO, there is a configuration file named ??GLOBAL_INIT_FILES?? with /profile.d listed.  I located the configuration file, removed the directory, and ran the job; again, the directory and files were searched.


      3.  So, I was thinking maybe we can just tell the rule within the compliance job to exlude /profile.d.  Here is what the current rule looks like:


      exists "Extended Object Entry:GLOBALINITMESGN//**" where

          Path Matches "^.*mesg\-{1,2}n(\-.*|$)"



      I've attached screen shots of what I'm speaking of including the results of the job run.


      Thanks for your help.