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    Question about Linux Run Level (Daemons.Daemon:/initd:ntpd)

      I am working with a customer who is wanting to create a compliance check on a list of RedHat servers that match expected runlevels for a specific service (ntpd).


      Live Browse identifies the initd:ntpd as such: 

      Property      Value

      Path    /initd:ntpd

      Name    initd:ntpd

      Run Levels    [0(K74),1(K74),2(K74),3(S58),4(K74),5(S58),6(K74)]


      In the Compliance tab: Rules on Collected Parts, my rule is set as thus:

      "Daemons.Daemon:/initd:ntpd"."Run Levels" contains ?


      This will ensure rule failure and identify the "Left Value" that the compliance rule returns so that I can properly format my check.

      The rules fails (as expected) and returns the following info:

      "BMC_UnixDaemon:/initd:ntpd".runlevels ["0(K74)", "1(K74)", "2(K74)", "3(S58)", "4(K74)", "5(S58)", "6(K74)"] contains "?"


      Now I have the value that is returned when the rule fires, I need to properly format the right side so that the rule is successful.


      So I tried....

      "Daemons.Daemon:/initd:ntpd"."Run Levels" contains ["0(K74)", "1(K74)", "2(K74)", "3(S58)", "4(K74)", "5(S58)", "6(K74)"] and when I "Apply Condition Value" eg (green check mark), the right side evaluates to the following: "[""0(K74)"", ""1(K74)"", ""2(K74)"", ""3(S58)"", ""4(K74)"", ""5(S58)"", ""6(K74)""]".


      The rules fails with the follow return info:

      "BMC_UnixDaemon:/initd:ntpd".runlevels [["0(K74)", "1(K74)", "2(K74)", "3(S58)", "4(K74)", "5(S58)", "6(K74)"]] contains "[""0(K74)"", ""1(K74)"", ""2(K74)"", ""3(S58)"", ""4(K74)"", ""5(S58)"", ""6(K74)""]"


      I am thinking, I may need to escape the " but I can't seem to find the right character to do so.


      Any suggestions are welcomed on resolving this issue or pursuing a different path to setup up this compliance rule.