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    RSCD Agent User Configuration

      Hi Ppl,


      I read a few discussion/documents on Root Equivalency. But still I dont get it clear.


      Could you please help me on the below scenario.


      I have installed RSCD Agent as "root" on my target servers.


      Scenario : 1


      What I need : I need to deploy all my BLPackages as a particular user, say "oldeploy".


      What is currently happening : My BLPackages are getting deployed with whatever ownership the BLPackage has.


      Is there anyway, over-riding the ownership of the BLPackage by default? I can presently do it by manually changing the owner and group in the BLPackage.


      Scenario 2 :


      What I Need : I need to execute remote scripts(external commands & NSH Scripts) as a particular user-id , say "oldeploy"


      What is currently happening :  All the scripts are getting executed as "root"


      Is there anyway of doing this.


      I am confused, I am not clear if scenario 1 & 2 are inter-related.


      I am not clear if changing security files in RSCD Agent will help to resolve the 2 scenarios.


      Please throw some light on this. This will make me learn about the root equivalency, ownership issue practically.