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    dsync exclusions

      I'm trying to set up dsync in an NSH script using the -X exclusion parameter, but I seem to be struggling with the format. So far I haven't found any documented examples of its use. Could someone provide a working example? My goal is to exclude multiple paths under the top directory.


      I am using BL

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          Hi Rob,


          The proper way to use the dsync with -X argument is as follows


          dsync -X "Exclusion1" [-X "Exclusion2"] ORIG DEST


          Where the Exclusions are wildcarded, for example /D/Folder/* would exlude all FILES inside "/D/Folder", if you want to exclude all the folders inside /D/Folder, you need to end the exclusion string with a "/" --> /D/Folder/*/

          If you want to exclude only a folder you would use -X /D/Folder/


          Same syntax for the Include (-I) arguments


          Hope this helps!


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            For your specific case it would go:








            dsync -X "/D/FolderToCopy/FolderExclude1/" -X "/D/FolderToCopy/FolderExclude2/" //Host1/D/FolderToCopy //Host2/Destination

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              Sorry, my bad, you don't need to specify the full path to the directories to exclude, they need to be relative to the folder you want to syncronize




              dsync -X "/FolderExclude1/" -X "/FolderExclude2/" //Host1/D/FolderToCopy //Host2/Destination

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                Interesting. Okay, this is working using the exact syntax that you used. But when I did use the absolute path, it stopped working. Is it not possible to use an absolute path?


                This command:


                dsync -dmo -X


                "/tmp/dsync_test/FolderExclude2/" -X "/FolderExclude1/" //he3lnxl119/tmp/dsync_test //he3lnxl120/tmp/dsync_test


                properly excluded FolderExclude1 but copied FolderExclude2 and its contents


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                  I believe the excluded paths are computed relatively to the folder to be copied, thus if you include the full path it would mean to try to exclude




                  which doesn't exist ...

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                    Aha! Yes, that appears to be the key. So I can give a precise directory so long as I work relative to the folder specified for copying.


                    So for example, to exclude:



                    It worked to use:

                    -X  "/full/path/FolderExclude2/"


                    The result was that /tmp/dsync_test/full/path was properly copied, and FolderExclude2 was properly excluded