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    Change images used in Request Entry Console, 'Services' part

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      I am trying to change the images used in the 'Services' part of the Request Entry Console, in SRM 7.6.00.

      More specifically, the 'Request Now' button image.


      I have replaced the images in the Data Visualization Definition corresponding entries with the images I want to use:





      Afterwards, I have flushed the midtier cache, but the images are not reflected correctly.

      I also have tried the following actions:

           - delete tomcat arsys work directory

            - restart midtier server

            - delete the xxx\midtier\PluginsCache\xxx\SRMSServiceRequestBrowser and restart the midtier server to recompile the .jar


      Nothing worked so far.


      Any ideas?


      Best Regards,


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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

          i am just guessing do we need to upload your new images over here too




          may be talking a fiddler logs when loading your form and see what is the error are you getting when your image is loaded..may be that could give us some idea??


          i some how know that images which are not present in the above mentioned directory the call might go to the resource pool and fetcht the image from the server and come back and load it in the browser..


          so i am also thinking from the dev studio do we also need to upload our new images.....not quiet sure though here just sharing my views...