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    Need Suggestions - Application release Approach

      Hi Guys,


      Am going to use 2 tools for my proposed  Application Release project.


      1. BRPM - to handle the user-interface and develop the request template

      2. BSA - to handle core functionalities


      My design in mind :


      1. In BRPM , make use of BSA-Automation Scripts to call the NSH Script Jobs with the required inputs.


      2, In BSA, NSH Scripts to perform the core functions like Pkg creation & DeployJob, etc.


      In this way, Am planning to minimize the traversals between BRPM & BSA.


               BRPM                                           BSA


        BSA-Automation Scripts        ---->     NSH Scripts


      My questions :


      1. Use of NSH Scripts is absolutely necessary?

                Because I can very well use BSA-Automation Scripts to perfrom all the BSA functionalities

      2. Any other suggested design ?




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          Joe Piotrowski

          Unfortunately I (and probably most others here) have no BRPM experience. So I have nothing to compare BSA to.

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            Im not sure how much knowledge you have on the new releases of BRPM or of the new BMC product RLM (Release LifeCycle Management). 


            In the 2.6 BRPM release that just came out, we can now create jobs in BSA from component templates as well as call any precreated jobs in BSA.  So the NSH scripts to create those jobs are no longer necessary if you can create component templates to model your packages.


            RLM is the combination of BRPM, newly acquired Varalogix Q, and BAA (BSA).  This product can allow you to design your requests and create automation processes for your application releases.  These automation processes can not only tie into BMC products like BSA and BMA, but also has an action library that can tie into dozens of third party systems (databases, middleware servers, ticketing servers, etc).  All the automation work is done on the back of nsh and the rscd agents, so your BSA infrastructure becomes even more valuable.

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