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    Operators usage in date compliance rule

      Hi guys,

      I need the compliance that would fail if linux user has less than x days to change password. (and then send some email or do some action as remediation). Where x is number of days with warning. I wanted to use the following rule:


      "BMC_UnixUsers.BMC_UnixUser:/games".lastChange newer than days "BMC_UnixUsers.BMC_UnixUser:/games".maxDaysBetweenChanges - "BMC_UnixUsers.BMC_UnixUser:/games".warn


      but I am getting error: The value on the right references an illegal parameter.

      So thats obviously because of the subtraction.


      The question is: am I able somehow to use such operators as minus in compliance rule or do you have any ideas how to solve this issue?


      Thanks for your time