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    Inaccurate results on complaince job

      Hello all!


      weird issue i have with one server and am looking for some insight. i am a simple compliance rule that states:

      "Windows Group:Administrators"."User Members (Windows)" = ["Administrator"]


      we also have Active directory groups set up called "SASG_%servername%adm" that we add all users to if they need to have admin privelges to that particular server, and we then add the SASG group to the local admin account.


      on 1 particular server, the complance rule above is coming back as non compliant and the reason it states is that the "left had value" is "Administrator, and the SASG group" so i guess for some reason it thinks the SASG group is a user account not a group.


      this rules works for 799 out of 800 servers so i dont think its the rule. i have no idea what the issue could be.


      i have try removing the group and re-adding it to the local admin group, and i also tryed deleting the component and re-discovering it. no success


      any help is greatly appreciated!