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    Perform Audit Jobs using component Templates.

      Hi Experts,


      I am very naive BBSA, and I am trying to perform an audit job for a directory and a file using Component Templates.


      1) I have created a component Template, for Component Template, I have selected 2 parts from a Master Server a) Directory b) file and I have edited those parts so that I use property for them which may change.


      2) After which I have createad a Component for this component template which is my master.


      3) Then I have changed the Property ??PATH1?? in component Template for which I have created Component on my target server.


      4) Then I have executed the Audit Job on this.


      5) After which it resulted that Master does not have ??PATH1?? directory.


      So can you guys please what is that I am doing wrong here.


      Note: ??PATH1?? is tend to change with MASTER and TARGET, but the directory contents and file contents are same.