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    What is the format for Visibility group in Article Conversion tool xml

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      Analyzing the sample xmls for 7.6.04 Article COnversion Tool, but cannot figure out how to pass Visibility Groups (in what format). What to put in <xKMS_visibility_groups>  </xKMS_visibility_groups> if for example i have a group ALL under Calbro Services?

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          U can pass value as ALL or Calbro Services like its coming in the visibility group drop down.

          All -  Article will be visible to all users.

          Calbro Services, then Users from Calbro company can search the Article.

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            i have modified a sample xml and used Article Conversion Tool in 7.6.04 as per below but the Visibility Group is not passed to the article (also tried with ALL without !)


            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            <!DOCTYPE KMS_doc [<!ATTLIST KMS_data id ID #REQUIRED>


            <KMS_doc author="KMXperts" created="09/25/2005" template="ProbSol_Template" title="Problem Solution" version="1.1" xmlns:KMS="http://kmxperts/KMS">

                <KMS_section name="Title">

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_title">123New What is the purpose?</KMS_data>


                <KMS_section name="Problem">

                    <KMS_data id="problem" type="HTML"><![CDATA[<DIV>What seems to be the problem?</DIV>]]></KMS_data>


                <KMS_section name="Environment">

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_environment" type="HTML"><![CDATA[<DIV>Business Service Management deployment</DIV>]]></KMS_data>


                <KMS_section name="Solution">

                    <KMS_data id="solution" type="HTML"><![CDATA[<DIV>No problem</DIV>]]></KMS_data>



                <KMS_section condition="multi-tenancy" name="Companies">

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_companies">~!~BMC Software, Inc.~!~Best IT, Inc.~!~Built In-House~!~CDW~!~Calbro Services~!~Connect IT Infrastructure, Inc.~!~Direct Software, Inc.~!~IT-Corporation, Inc.~!~Invention, Inc.~!~Kintronics Information Technology~!~SAP~!~Service Management Partners, Inc.~!~Siebel~!~TechSmith~!~Westbury USA~!~WinZip International LLC~!~UNRESTRICTED~!~</KMS_data>



                <KMS_dataSection name="Categories">

                    <KMS_cti condition="ar6- stand-alone" id="CTI6"/>

                    <KMS_cti condition="itsm7+" id="CTI" name="Operational"><category category="Failure" item="Wireless" origOrder="1" primary="true" sub1="" sub2="" sub3="" type="Network"/></KMS_cti>

                    <KMS_cti condition="itsm7+" id="CTI2" name="Product"><category category="Network" item="" origOrder="1" primary="true" sub1="" sub2="" sub3="" type="Router"/></KMS_cti>

                    <KMS_cti condition="itsm7+" id="CTI3" name="Service"/>


                <KMS_section name="Visibility Groups">

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_visibility_groups">~!~ALL~</KMS_data>


                <KMS_dataSection name="Details" viewer="false">

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_documentId" name="Document ID:">989</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_template" name="Document Type:">ProbSol_Template</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_author" name="Author:">Allen Allbrook (Allen)</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_status" name="Status:">Draft</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_prevStatus" name="Previous Status:"></KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data edit="true" id="KMS_reviewDate" name="Review Date:" type="date">04/16/2010</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_creationDate" name="Created:" type="date">04/16/2009 09:25:34</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_lastModifiedDate" name="Last Modified:" type="date">04/16/2009 09:25:34</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data edit="true" id="KMS_keyWords" name="Keywords:"></KMS_data>


                <KMS_section name="Authoring Notes" viewer="false">

                    <KMS_data id="notes" type="HTML">created by Remedy form HPD:Help DeskINC000000000002</KMS_data>



                    <KMS_tab id="t1" name="Attachments">



                    <KMS_tab id="t2" name="Update Requests" viewer="Internal">

                        <KMS_updaterequests id="urqs"/>


                    <KMS_tab id="t3" name="History" viewer="Internal">

                        <KMS_history id="history"/>


                    <KMS_tab id="t4" name="Revisions" viewer="Internal">

                        <KMS_versions id="versions"/>



                <KMS_feedback editor="false" name="Feedback">






                    <KMS_data id="KMS_assigned">Allen Allbrook (Allen)</KMS_data>

                    <KMS_data id="KMS_prevAssigned">Allen Allbrook (Allen)</KMS_data>



            <xKMS_catlist>~Failure~Network~Wireless~ ~Network~Router~~~~~ </xKMS_catlist>



            <xKMS_companies>Calbro Services</xKMS_companies>



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              Check the below option is not enabled when using Article Conversion Tool.


              Convert Only Visibility Groups—Select this option if you want to convert only

              visibility groups information. This option is useful when you already converted

              old articles without visibility groups information and now you want to convert

              the visibility group information without converting all the articles again.

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                No, this option is unticked. I guess the visibility group needs to be in a specific format, or perhaps this xml tag is wrong?