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    Requirements for Patching SLES via Repository Server

      Hey guys,


      I took a step ahead and am now forwarding on to testing patching via BladeLogic on SLES 11 machines.


      In my company, we have a local SLES repository server. On this machine we manage the patches we approved for our systems. This server has to be used due to company policy, not the official Novell Network.


      The present state is:


      - Multiple repositories on the machine, for different divisions of my company

      - rscd-agent up and running, thus working nsh Shell


      Though the folks running this machine want some more detailed info, what is actually needed (and has to be done by them). For those I need your help.


      My guess is, that we have to:


      - Different repositories have to be path-separated

      - Use the rscd-agent to create the repo-xml-files BladeLogic needs (for each repository)

      - Build multiple patch catalogues (one for each repository) in BladeLogic


      Is this right or do I miss something? Appreciate your help!


      Kind regards from Germany,



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          Bill Robinson

          yep - that's about right.  you will need to use the offline downloader w/ the createRepo option to generate metadata on each directory of patches before you run a cuj against it.  this won't actually download anything, just generate the metadata.

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            1)           run a create repo command to create a SuSE xml using existing repository as a source location e.g. SuSE3x86_64.xml

            1. e.g.

            To create  8.1 repository using pre 8.0 VPC based repositories or using eixisting rpms & to make them compatiable with bladelogic you will have to run creatRepo command like below


                            SuSE_downloader.sh/SuSE_downloader.bat -createRepo -srcLocation "<location1,os-arch;location2,os-arch>" -repoLocation <repository path>   

            after running above command the existing rpms' will be renamed & will be compatiable according to bladelogic


                   2) Now create a SuSE offline catalog using the above repository 

                   3) The catalog will be created successfully.

                   4) Run a patch analysis job using SuSE catalog & deploy the missing rpm’s

                   5)  The PAJ & deploy went successfully.


            Note: - User may face some dependency issue during analysis so to make the patch analysis job successful, please exclude those missing dependency rpm’s from the analysis list





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