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    Google Hangout on BSA best practices

      Please join us this Friday at 10am EST / 4pm CET for a Google Hangout on best practices for BMC Server Automation.


      This week we will be discussing when and how to migrate shell scripts to BSA. Come with questions and opinions!


      This is a beta of something which I hope will become a regular occurrence, so please forgive any hiccoughs on our first outing. All feedback is welcome.

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          Siddu angadi

          I would Love to join...


          Thank you very much Dominic




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            Steffen Kreis

            Hi Dominic,


            To avoid any confusion, is this something that will be established besides the Best-Practice Webinars that happen monthly at the moment via WebEx ?


            In general i'm very happy to get in touch with you guys and with others customers to talk about Best Practices, however i doubt that Google+ is the right platform for such a thing as it is blocked in our company and might be blocked in others as well....




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              Hi Steffen,


              Thanks for checking in. The answer to your question is that these hangouts are complementary to the official best practice webinars. The webinars are formal, invitation-only, and fairly structured, while the idea of the hangouts is to be frictionless, highly interactive, and informal. The webinars distill the received wisdom on a topic, while the hangouts are a live discussion of something where there is no existing consensus.


              I realise that G+ is blocked at some companies, but the content will be recorded and available on YouTube after the event, so at worst you can download it at home. In any case this is an experiment; if we realise that there is too much overlap with the official webinars, or the platform is a major problem, or in general if the format does not work out, we will either cancel this effort or roll it back into the main webinar series.


              I hope you can find a way to view the session, either live or after the fact, and I will be happy to continue this discussion afterwards.

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                We hung out again this week, and had a great conversation about security and compliance. This time I also managed to figure out the recording feature! Here are the results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fW0JhlSfGUg


                Next week we will be talking about network topologies for BSA, and about repeaters in particular. Ping me on Google+ if you want to be invited to the live hangout, or watch the replay later.