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    Difference between "Permissions" and "ACL Summary" tabs



      I have a doubt: in BLSA Console, I have two tabs named "Permissions" (bottom left corner) and "ACL Summary" (bottom right corner).

      Stating that I have assigned certain permissions to a Server (the bcanedb1 in the image) that are correctly represented in the ACL Summary tab, what is the permissions tab showing me?


      A solaris server, by default, should not have Linux Roles permissions assigned.




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          Siddu angadi

          Permissions" (bottom left corner) are applied by ACL template.


          Check your ACL templates properly. The Permissions which are applied through ACL template do not show in ACl Summary.


          The ACL template which is applied to this server has Linux Roles permissions.




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            Joe Piotrowski

            If you change the "ACL Summary" pulldown on the right and select "Effective Pemissions" it should show you all permissions and where they are being defined.

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              Bill Robinson

              siddu - i think you meant to say "ACL Policy" and not "ACL Template".


              the ACL Summary view will resolve the explict permissions (Access Control List tab) and the permissions appliced through ACL Policies, and should also show where the permissions are coming from.

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                Amit Gupta

                As Bill explained above, ACL Summary view explicitly resolve all permissions coming from direct authorizations, ACL Policies and Maintenance windows and also show you the source of that authorization. Whereas Permissions tab show you (in separate tabs) what ACL policies are applied and what direct authorizations are applied on that object. Keep in mind both these views as explained here are displaying ACL on that object disregarding the permissions at the role level.


                As Joe ponted out, latest release of ACL Summary view also have the capability to view Effective Permissions, which will show you the permissions of a role on a given object taking into consideration the permissions at role level and object ACL.


                ACL Summary view (including Effective Permisisons view) also give you filtering capability including the ability to view permissions on a given object within a given time frame based on current assigned authorizations. This can be extremely helpful to verify your ACL policies and Maintenance windows settings. In addition to this you can of course filter on particular, Authorization, Role, ACL Policy or maintanance window.