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    Agent enrollment for Windows Server Core Edition jobs

    Steffen Kreis



      is there any setting (i.e. blasadmin) that controls how long the App-Server waits in a provisioning job, when it is trying to do the Agent-Enrollment in step 16/16 ?


      The reason why i'm asking is the following:

      On a Windows CORE server install you have to reboot your server, as part of your Post-Install-Script, as the RSCD-service is not coming up without that.

      So besides all other custom things in our Post-Install Script we put a reboot using "shutdown -r -t 10" at the very end.


      As BL merges that Post-Install content with its own stuff into a single runonce.bat file, it is also adding the bmiwin call-back at the very end of the whole runonce.bat, to tell the App-Server that it finished provisioning, do the Agent enrollment and kick-off the Post_provisioning sequence.


      So what happens is that the server is instructed to reboot and in the next second the App-Server is notified that Provisioning is done and the Agent cann be enrolled.


      This seems to only work when the Reboot is finished quickly enough before the Job gives up, when trying to speak to the RSCD agent.

      It is working for us at the moment, as we are just deploying VM's with the Core edition and they boot really quick.

      We seriously doubt that this construct will work reliably on a HP DL 585 G7, which takes much longer to boot.


      So back to my question, is there a parameter that defines the time on how long the App-Server tries to contact the agent in that job phase ?

      Or is there any other solution to make that type of job rock-solid ?