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    BladeLogic 8.2.3 - Shavlik CABs - No internet access on App server

      We are running BBSA 8.2 SP3 on a Red Hat server, with no internet access.


      Our main issue is that we have not been able to run Wintel Inventory snapshots against our wintel servers since we upgraded to 8.2 SP2 back on Nov 2, 2012 because there was no way for our App server to download CAB files from shavlik since there is no internet access.


      Thru the help of a BMC tech with a previous ticket, they suggested using WGET on a server that has internet access, and then pointing the Shavlik URL Configuration setting to this local server.


      I've setup a bladelogic script job that downloads the CAB files daily, but it's kept on the non-BSSA server (not an issue).


      I've then modified the Shavlik URL Configuration settings in my config mgr from


      //<local server>/c/Program\ Files/BladeLogic/CABs/hf7b.cab
      //<local server>/c/Program\ Files/BladeLogic/CABs/pd5.cab



      Is this correct?


      When I test Wintel Inventory snapshot against one server, or click on HOTFIXES from the server's LIVE BROWSE, i'm told:



      NOTE: the Job Run log gives a similar answer.


      Whatever you can offer to help me get my Wintel Inventory snapshot job back online would be MOST approeciated!!!

      Thanks in advance