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    trying to use default object "File System Information" in a component template

    Chris Haars

      I am trying to create a Windows component template for compliance and remediation of free C drive disk space. I want to catch those with a low amount of disk space, and run a script to clean up C as a remediation step. I am using BL BBSA 8.1.


      When I try to use the default extended object "File System Information", I can't seem to use the values provided by the discovery. The test that runs against rules that I create don't make sense. Here is a rule I tried to create:


      "Extended Object Entry:File System information".Name = "C"  AND

      "Extended Object Entry:File System information"."Value4 as Integer (All OS)" < 4,000,000


      Value4 appears to be the amount of free disk space in KB. This rule provides inaccurate results when testing. I would expect this rule to return compliance results, showing me the servers that have less than 4G free on C.


      Do I need to give up and create my own extended object?