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    Bladelogic jobs hanging



      We are currently running Bladelogic server


      For some reason we have numerous jobs that are set off over night - eg anaylsis jobs, patch catalog updates  etc but for the last few weeks all the jobs never seem to finish overnight like all the jobs just hang (normally all would complete). If i cancel the jobs and then set them to run again manually they all complete.


      Is there any way of telling on why jobs hang or is there a way of telling if one job has hung and is stopping the rest from completing ?


      Or dont tell me that I'll need to update to the latest version as the version we use has issues with jobs !!!!


      many thanks



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          Juan-Luis Ortega

          This can have various reasons. Usually the appserver log would tell what is going on. The Job Log from the UI may also have some hints. If you have setup 1 single batch job which runs all the other child jobs and you specify that they need to run sequentially, then it could happen that 1 job blocks the others (assuming you do not have JOB_TIMEOUT's specificed). However, this would be just one single scenario out of many why this can happen.

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            Bill Robinson

            do you have a database cleanup job running at the same time ?


            if you are using oracle for the bsa db, can you ask your dba to get AWRs that cover the time period of the 'hang' ?


            can you get appserver thread dumps after the jobs hang, before you restart ?

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