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    Remediating to a specific version instead of the latest in the repository

    Tanveer Roowala



      We have a requirement where post patch analysis the .RPM on the target host should only be remediated upto the version specified in an approved list.


      By default remediation of the package and its dependencies get updated to the latest version of the .RPM in the repository.


      The best option we can think of is instead of using the patch analysis/remediation process we


      1. Using the approved list create a BL Package consisting of the RPM and its dependencies

      2. Deploy this BL Package to the server (with a check to see if the RPM exists on the server or not and if it does then update it)


      Would this be the way to approach this or is there a better way to do this ?


      Please let me know if i can shed more information on this.


      Thanks very much for your help with this.