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    How to avoid pushing patch metadata over WAN

    Magnus Ruschpler

      We use BL 8.2 SP2 and plan to update to SP4 as soon as it's released. In a datacenter in Singapore, we have set up a patch catalog with "mount" option and successfully patch servers in that datacenter by mounting the patches. Another option would be to use a repeater (traditional, not AFS/AFR as said in https://communities.bmc.com/communities/message/223237#223237).


      So, it's not a problem to transfer patches efficiently for remote datacenters. But what about patch metadata during analysis phase (for Windows "metadata xml (hf7b)", for Linux "Copying repository metadata (repodata.tar.gz)"? At least for Linux I see this messagein PA log:


      Copying repository metadata (repodata.tar.gz) from '//singapore-server1/data/suse/bl-fixes_SIN/SLES11x64_SP2/catalog_2064383/SLES11x86_64/repodata.tar.gz' to '//singapore-server2//opt/bmc/stage/LinuxCatalog_179603_singapore-server2/repodata.tar.gz'


      So I think repodata.tar.gz is copied via NSH using "cp". Is that correct? As far as I know the data flow in this case is "singapore-server1" ->  "appserver" -> "singapore-server2". Appserver is located in EMEA, so is there a way to avoid using the WAN for this task? Like mounting the catalog and getting this file via this mount as done during deployment?